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Important Estate Planning Documents

Estate Planning For Life's Stages

Estate Planning Documents
Since we’re all going to die (yes, even those of us who are still in our 20s!), we might as well make things easier for the loved ones who, along with grieving our loss, will have to deal with the financial and logistical pieces of our lives.

Safeguarding your Legacy

Estate planning is a crucial aspect of securing your legacy and ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. To navigate this intricate process, it’s essential to be well-versed in the key estate planning documents. At Ozarks Legacy Law, we understand the importance of these documents in safeguarding your family’s future. Here is what we recommend everyone have in place.


Last Will and Testament

The cornerstone of any comprehensive estate plan, a last will and testament, outlines how all of your assets will be distributed upon your passing. It also allows you to appoint guardians for minor children, ensuring their well-being is protected.


Living Trust

A living trust, or revocable trust, provides flexibility and control over your assets while you are still living. It is important to have in order to avoid probate and also ensure privacy since trusts are not public records. A great benefit of a Living Trust is that it can create a seamless transfer of assets to beneficiaries upon your passing.


Advance Healthcare Directive

An advanced healthcare directive outlines and specifies your medical treatment preferences in the event you are unable to communicate them. It also designates a healthcare proxy to make decisions on your behalf. This can ease the burden on loved ones during difficult times and ensure that your wishes are followed.


Financial Power of Attorney

A financial power of attorney appoints someone to handle your financial affairs if you become incapacitated. This ensures bills are paid, investments are managed, and other financial responsibilities are taken care of. By doing this, you will avoid a court-appointed conservatorship and make sure that your finances are handled appropriately if you become incapacitated.


Beneficiary Designations

While not a standalone document, beneficiary designations on assets such as life insurance policies and retirement accounts are crucial. They override any instructions in your Will or Trust, making them a vital aspect of comprehensive estate planning. It’s the best way to pass assets directly to intended beneficiaries and to avoid probate for certain assets.


Review and Update Estate Planning Documents Regularly

While understanding and implementing these crucial estate planning documents is the first step toward securing your legacy, establishing an annual review is a must. Life changes, and your documents should, too. Ozarks Legacy Law is here to guide you along the way. Contact us today to get started.