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Missouri Farm Family & Land Owner Planning

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When Missouri Farm and Land Planning does not happen, a legacy is lost. A lack of an estate plan or succession plan can result in intense family conflict and the complete destruction of previously good relationships.

Farm estate planning is about acting now to create the future you desire. As a farmer, you know better than anyone that planning is critical. Your farm is more than just a business, even more than a way of life—it’s your family legacy. For that legacy to continue, you must act, or the government will intervene.

Ozarks Legacy Law has helped countless farmers, ranchers, and landowners throughout the Missouri Ozarks plan for their farms, and avoid probate, unnecessary taxes, and family conflict with mindful guidance through the farm succession and estate planning process.


There are many estate planning options available for farmers, ranchers, and others that will allow you to fulfill your ultimate goals. The old way of thinking was that estate planning was a one-time thing that you could forget about once the Will was signed. While that was never ideal, it’s a downright dangerous mindset today. You need to have a lawyer for farmers that will help you plan, but also (and most importantly) is there when you need them.

There is a difference between estate planning, which decides what will happen to your assets when you die, and succession planning, which is how to transition the farm or ranch operation to the next generation. A farm lawyer will help present options that are clear and fair for your children. Sometimes you have no heir apparent, but that only heightens the need to be proactive in the planning process.

Having the right plan is key and will make a difference. When the attorney understands your operation and knows your goals, they can offer strategies, such as entity structures, gifting plans, buy/sell agreements, setting up a trust in Missouri, etc., to best reach your objectives.

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David helped me and my wife sort through how to treat our kids fairly while still having a plan that kept our farm (part of which has been in my family for over 100 years) in the bloodline. I was actually surprised by David's suggestions for solving our problem. His suggestions made it clear to me that he understood what we wanted (and needed).