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5 Ways to Find a Great Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning For Life's Stages

The team of estate planning attorneys at Ozarks Legacy Law.
One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when creating an estate plan is which estate planning law firm to work with.

Let’s talk about estate planning. You know it’s something you need to do, but you’re nervous about finding the right attorney to handle such an intimate part of your life. It can be challenging to find the right attorney for your needs – how can you find the perfect fit for you?

Below are 5 factors you should consider when choosing an estate planning law firm.

  1. Your Specific Needs. Before you look for an estate planning lawyer, first determine what exactly it is you need from the lawyer. Consider the intricacies of your estate and whether it has any complexities and special considerations. This will help you narrow down the list of legal professionals who can help you plan your estate.
  2. Experience. Missouri farm families often have complexities in their planning that others may not have. Look for a lawyer with a deep understanding and experience in the farm succession planning process.
  3. Fees. While the expense shouldn’t be your primary consideration when selecting an estate planning attorney, it is a key consideration for many. Be certain to find an attorney that you can afford; however, this doesn’t mean you should hire the cheapest lawyer you can find. In most cases, you’ll end up getting what you pay for. Instead, find a reputable lawyer with reasonable rates.
  4. Reputation. You want an attorney who has made a name for themselves in estate planning law. Look at reviews and testimonials online. These are first-hand accounts of previous clients’ experiences with the law firm. They’ll help you decide whether the lawyer is worth your time and money.
  5. Attitude. Make an in-person appointment with the attorney before making your decision and learn about the lawyer’s attitude and demeanor. You’ll want an attorney that’s friendly and easy to talk to. You should note his or her professionalism and knowledge of estate planning.

Finding Your Estate Planning Attorney

It is important that you do your due diligence to find the best people to help you plan your estate; after all, this individual will be handling some of your most personal matters. At Ozarks Legacy Law, we offer an initial consultation call free of charge to help us get to know each other, determine how we can help, and see if we are a good fit.

Start protecting your family today by prioritizing your estate planning.